Friday, August 31, 2007

Samsung Improves Resolution Of E-paper

Samsung Improves Resolution Of E-paper

Windsor Genova - AHN Writer
Seoul, South Korea (AHN) - The electronic paper invented last year by South Korean information technology firm Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has enhance its resolution, making it more readable.

The company announced on Wednesday that it has increased by two and a half times the resolution of the A4 paper-size black-and-white flexible display. Samsung added that it had made the e-paper more durable.

According to Samsung, the first black-and-white e-paper is an electrophoretic display with a high definition resolution of 1,366 X 768 pixels. It works using only 300 milliwatts of power at one frame per minute, which is 1/500 that of a conventional liquid crystal display.

Samsung also had invented a color and flexible e-paper. Made of plastic substrate, its 130-degree centigrade, low-temperature non-crystalline silicon processing prevent distortion of color images even when the surface is bent. The color e-paper also continues to show a static image even when power is turned off.



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